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Gaishoku Business Week -Japan's Largest Restaurant Business Expo- is where visitors can meet with a wide range of business-use products or services for food service and obtain new industrial information and trends in Japan.


International Popularity

Survey of which country's cuisine is most desirable shows Japanese food among the top.
“Delicious”, “Healthy”, and “Sophisticated”, these common images of Japanese food will make a contribution to your company’s brand development. Despite the fact that places where you can enjoy Japanese food outside of Japan is limited, it has gotten a high reputation in other Asian and Western countries.
A large number of companies dealing Japanese food such as Ramen, Sake, Sashimi, Tempura, Yakiniku, and Shabu-shabu are now expanding their business overseas and becoming worldwide brands. Dining out at Japanese restaurants is not just a passing trend anymore, but with its reputation, is becoming a standard for people living outside of Japan.
“Inbound” has become a trend because of a rapid increase in foreign visitors who are willing to dine out at restaurants all over Japan. You can find many tourists enjoying “Real Japanese Cuisine” in major cities.
Japanese food has its unique way of manners for arranging dishes. They are colorful and delicate, which motivate people to share their experiences of Japanese food on their social networks and can play an important role in attracting guests. Why not start offering some Japanese food in your restaurant?

Japanese Food is...

Ramen, Sushi, and Tempura are now widely recognized as major Japanese foods even outside of Japan. Additionally, “Washoku” has been approved to be enlisted on UNESCO’S Intangible Cultural Heritage as “Traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese”.
In Japanese traditional cuisine, you can fully enjoy its “Umami”, and its basic composition of “Ichiju-Sansai”, that has 1 soup and 3 vegetable dishes, is said to be nutritionally well-balanced.

Gaishoku Business Week will take place in 3 major cities – Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka- to accommodate the variety of food cultures in different regions.

Exhibition in the metropolitans

“Gaishoku Business Week” will take place the metropolitans, Tokyo and Osaka, to accommodate the variety of food cultures in different regions.
As a representative of
[Tokyo] Eastern Japanese region in which people mainly use seafood Dashi and prefer strong-tasting soy sauce.
[Osaka] Western Japanese and Kansai region in which people use vegan-friendly seaweed Dashi and prefer light-tasting soy sauce.

Exhibitions will take place in different seasons: spring in Osaka, summer in Tokyo. We hope this will enable you to experience not just exhibited products and services but also Japan's 4 different seasons, the depth of Japanese food culture, and regional characteristics.
We look forward to seeing you at this rewarding networking spot!

Uniqueness of Japanese food culture

The Japanese archipelago stretches from the north to the south, and is covered with numerous mountain lands. Belonging in the temperate climate, Japan has 4 very distinctive change of the seasons with moderate precipitation and a nature-rich environment.
Surrounded by the sea, Japan is a treasure house of seafood thanks to its' 2 major flows of warm and cold currents. Also thanks to climate change throughout the year, Japanese agricultural products have a variety in various regions and seasons. Even seasonings, such as Miso and Soy sauce, vary from region to region and unique food cultures have been developed in each area.

Exhibitors and Visitors by Business Sectors

Visitor Profile

Ramen shops, Chinese food restaurants, Soba restaurants, Udon restaurants, Izakaya restaurants, Cafe, Bar & Restaurants, Pasta restaurants, Italian food restaurants, Hotels, Japanese food restaurants, Sushi restaurants, Franchisers and Franchisees, Fast food stores, Newly-opening food business owners, Trading companies, Wholesalers, Retailers, Delicatessen, Online shopping sites, Manufacturers, Public organizations, Hospitals, Nursing-care facilities, Delivery business for elderly people, Noodle manufacturers, and more…

Visitors : business category

Exhibit Profile

  • Food

    Marine product, Processed Marine Products, Meat and poultry, Processed meat and poultry,Rice, Grains, Bread, Noodles, Vegetables, Fruits, Agricultural processed products, Delicatessens, Seasonings, Dried foods, Desserts, Frozen foods, Imported foods, Organic foods, Functional foods, Anti-allergy foods, Halal foods, etc.

  • Beverages

    Japanese Sake, Shochu, Cocktail drink, Distilled alcoholic beverage, Beer, Spirits, Wines, Fruit liquors, Liquors, Makgoli, Non-alcohol beverages, Coffee, Tea, Japanese tea, Orgaic Drinks, Milk beverages, etc.

  • Equipment

    Kitchen Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Cooking Tools, Noodle making machine, Noodles boiling machine, Fryer, Pizza ovens, Pasta makers, Ovens, Steam convection ovens, Slicers, Mixers, Water filters, Oil filters Refrigerators, freezers, Dishwashers, Ceramics, Tableware, Take-out supplies, Sign boards, Digital signage, Amenities, Clothing, Equipment for shops, Furnishing for professional use, Equipment and fixtures, Sanitary Products, Wet towels, Expendable supplies, Grease trap products, Air purification system, LED lighting products, Ticket-vending machine, etc.

  • Sales promotion / Services

    POS systems, Self-ordering systems, Anti-bacterial/Anti-insects equipment, Promotion services, Webpage design services, Online reservation systems, Promotion Apps, Menu books, Recruitment systems Employee attendance management systems, Operation consulting services, Business startup support, Franchisers, Overseas operation support, Store designing, Construction, Inbound services, etc.

2018 lineup

Tokyo [kanto] Osaka [kansai]
Date Aug. 28th - 30st, 2018 May. 15th - 17th, 2018
Venue Tokyo Big Sight INTEX OSAKA
Admission Fee JPY 5,000 No admission fee charged in case you pre-registered online
Expected Buyers 50,000 30,000
Expected Exhibitors 500 300
Population in region *1 42,797,000 20,750,000
GDP(JP¥million)*2 199,441,137 77,804,659
Number of restaurants *3 508,436 291,063

*1 Cabinet Office, Government of Japan in 2012
*2 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2014
*3 Statistics Japan in 2014


This trade show is open for professionals from restaurant and food businesses only. People without business cards, not from restaurant and food business, accompanying children, students, and those under18 years of age will not be admitted to the exhibition hall.

For admission, pre-registration is required. Please complete the online registration form and submit it with 2 business cards at the reception. You will receive your visitor badge in exchange for your registration form and business cards.


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